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The Pension Investment Association of Canada is primarily a closed forum for member pension fund investment firms to share information and knowledge and to act as a voice for the industry, to governments as well as small and large pension funds.

The development of the PIAC website, which is fully integrated with its back-end member database, was one of the earliest instances of Biz-Zone's membership database coupled with our content management system.

The "export-to-Quickbooks" capability in Association DNA was first developed to meet the needs of PIAC.

Identity, extended.

In working with PIAC we have been responsible for both the front-end website used by the public and members, as well as the back-office capabilities of the integrated member database.

Like most associations, even when the emphasis of the project is focused on back-end capabilities, it is just as essential to ensure that the front-facing website projects a strong, professional brand. This was particularly important for PIAC's industry.

Using the we can see the evolution of the PIAC design, with Biz-Zone's first involvement beginning in 2006.

Data, Anyway.

The PIAC website was built using our content management system, WebPortal One, which includes the ability to quickly add and remove pages, while providing specialized a "member files" folder to secure sensitive documents uploaded to the website for member-use only.

As an earlier customer using WebPortal One, we developed a number of early DataAnyway modules for PIAC to provide reports and web customizations that were right-sized to their needs beyond the creation of standard web pages.

This included an online documents library that could have a restricted membership access list, custom membership access statistics, industry report management tools and our popular Virtual Boardroom module for online committee and board discussions that includes file sharing features.

Members, in their DNA.

Our earliest role in assisting PIAC was to help the association refresh the look of its website. However, as time passed and the organization saw the value in upgrading its membership management database to our AMS.

This was the first instance where we added integration with Quickbooks, a significant extension to our database. The integration of both online e-commerce payments and Quickbooks means the organization has a complete cycle of its information, generated from the database to the website and then flowing from members through the website back into the database and on to the accounting software.

Association DNA enables PIAC to manage its membership, including new memberships and renewals. It is also a powerful tool for event management, reporting and targeted email communications. The groups feature is integrated with our DataAnyway Virtual Boardroom module, which creates a strong connection between the member database and the members-only section of the PIAC website.

Technically, enhanced.

While PIAC's website is not four years old, its technical infrastructure remains sound and the technology used during each stage of development provided a flexible balance between cross-browser capabilities at the time of development and the longevity of the coding methods.

Results, achieved.

The PIAC website and database have stood the test of time, being updated as needed and demonstrating organizations can make technology investments that will provide an excellent return on investment (ROI). We look forward to working on the next iteration of the PIAC website.



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