Julie King

Julie King, President & CEO

Julie is a technology entrepreneur, speaker and author who is passionate about the intersection of technology, design and user experience. She draws from a number of fields, including the emerging field of neuroscience, to help others understand changing paradigms.

Julie helps associations and companies do more by leveraging information technology resources, including web. As the co-founder of Biz-Zone, she helped engineer the company's proprietary R3 ROI engineTM. The result: association clients gain double digit efficiency improvements and benefit from its R3 advantage – greater reach, increased renewals and improved relevance.

As a thought leader, she is often invited to speak, which gives her the opportunity to help associations learn about new best practices that lead to transformative improvements.

Julie understands that meaningful innovation for clients is often tied to significant, practical outcomes that stem from a process that starts with strategic aligmnent, incorporates business model innovation where appropriate and then builds the technolog innovation based on the value increase that can be brought to an organization.

She believes that adaptation and innovation must become embedded in the culture of an organization and she is a champion of Incremental Innovation as a pathway to help organizations accomplish this. She recently wrote a book about the transformation of the online landscape to a content paradigm, with a clear pathway associations can follow to not only stay relevant, but thrive under the new rules of discovery.

At Biz-Zone Julie uses her expertise to drive development of the company's association management software: Association DNA (AMS), WebPortal One (CMS) and MemberPortal, a customizable web platform that connects the database and web.

Julie's motto:

At the heart of an innovation culture you will find people who are driven a simple thought: well executed ideas can make a profound impact on the world.

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