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Our Solutions-First Approach

Taking a strategic, solutions-first approach to a web software or web development project is significantly more likely to get the results your organizatation needs.

In fact, if you asked us to quantify the impact, we would estimate that projects where a solutions-first approach is used are 240% more likely to succeed.

These aren't just guesses, but smart inferences from neuroscience, which tell us two important things about how people make decisions.

1. Our approach helps you avoid the planning fallacy trap

Neuroscience teaches us that due to the "planning fallacy," there is a high likelihood that buyers will underestimate the true costs/complexities of their project, something that some vendors (unscrupulously) manipulate to win the job and then drive up the total cost with incremental, ongoing scope increases.

This is particularly important on large-scale web projects, including association management system deployment and content-rich website development projects.

Our solutions-first approach is designed to minimize these problems by prototyping your project before any development starts.

2. Our breadth of experience answers your difficult questions 

Neuroscience also informs us that when a question is difficult to answer, we often substitute it with an easier one and use the answer to this question to make our decision.

When it comes to vendor selection, question substitution can result in a decision you regret later on. 

There are more than nine major competencies areas required on any web project. The challenge is that these competencies span very different areas:

  • Creative: design, ux, site architecture & content;
  • Administrative: project management;
  • Mathematical: database design, software architecture &programming;
  • Technical: security, search engine optimization, server architecture & hosting; and
  • Communication: internal project discussions and social media.

The challenge is that vendor selection needs to ensure that the company you hire has strong competencies across all areas, but also that the company is able to overcome communication breakdowns between competencies.

We would be happy to show you how Biz-Zone addresses all of these areas, so that our solutions-first approach encompasses all aspects of your project requirements.

The Result:

Whether your project is a simple website or a complex association management software system deployment, you will find that Biz-Zone's solutions-first approach makes the overall results greater than sum of your project's individual parts.

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