Web Programming

As a Privacy by Design ambassador, security is built-into our approach.

At Biz-Zone we are skilled at shaping ideas into sophisticated web software that people love to use. Designated as a Privacy by Design (PbD) ambassador in 2014, our approach to custom web programming brings together three critical components: programming, security and user interface design.


Agile by design

We have developed a unique process to quickly move through idea generation to development and launch, which helps our clients get the software they need faster. What's more, our proactive approach to privacy extends the lense with which we approach security beyond traditional approaches.

We speak geek

We primarily develop in PHP/ MySQL for the back-end program with HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / jQuery for front-end integration, although our team has capabilities in other languages and uses them when needed.


Responsive, by design

Using Bootstrap's responsive design framework in our front-end design enables us to create web software that works anywhere — on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The result? Your software automatically works on all HTML5 compatible devices, which reduces the cost and complexity of program maintenance.


Object oriented

At Biz-Zone we use a true object-oriented approach, where programming elements are separated from front-end components, which makes code updates and program changes more efficient. This also helps us facilitate interactions with other programs and databases — we have experience consuming web services from third party software providers and in building APIs into our own software for others to use.


Built to last

Code maintenance is another area where we excel. The cost of ongoing code maintenance is a significant hidden cost on a software development project. Many developers use scripting to get the job done quickly, mixing together code and front-end design, which is both more time consume to test and can be extremely expensive to maintain or update. At Biz-Zone we use an object-oriented approach is designed to scale, which results in much more manageable maintenance and upgrade costs.

Code that Scales

What we have heard from clients is that the cost of "cheap" programming is much more costly in the long run. Our object-oriented approach is designed to scale, which results in much more maneageable maintenance and upgrade costs.

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