Privacy Policy

Privacy by Design (PbD)

As a company Biz-Zone regularly receives and works with information from our clients that contains personal information. To help better protect our clients and the people from whom they collect information, we have chosen to adopt Privacy by Design (PbD) in our company.

proactive not reactive: preventative not remedial

Biz-Zone has adopted a preventative approach to receiving and managing sensitive data, by using data encryption as a control to protect sensitive data that our company receives and manages, which includes customer databases that may contain sensitive information about personal information, financial information, health information and login credentials.

Privacy as the Default Setting

Our company privacy policy, training and internal methodologies are structured to have each employee to a privacy assessment anytime information is received or handled. The question employees are trained to ask are: i) what is this data; ii) is there any potentially sensitive or confidential information in this data and iii) if there is sensitive information, have I followed Biz-Zone's policy to ensure the data is protected any time it is in movement under my control.

Privacy Embedded into Design

Biz-Zone provides cloud-based database software and we have embedded tracking controls and logs controls into the core design of our products. Our software product, Association DNA, has taken this to a new level and embedded Privacy by Design protection to every single field, action, module and report within the product.

Full Functionality – Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum

The biggest privacy risk comes from our clients, who sometimes do not understand the correct way to handle sensitive information. To create a positive-sum, our company has embedded privacy practices into our process that begins with providing clients with easy to follow instructions and tools to securely deliver information and flows through to training and use of our software.

End-to-End Security — Full Lifecycle Protection

Biz-Zone has created policies and procedures to protect sensitive information through its full lifecycle, from before it is even sent to us by a client, to its management while in the custody of Biz-Zone and then its destruction when the data is no longer needed. Each Biz-Zone employee and contractor is trained and tested on the company's privacy policy to ensure the person truly understands the policy.

Visibility and Transparency – Keep it Open

Biz-Zone recognizes that while critical system elements that could result in a security breach must be kept strictly confidential, it is also important to also allow for independent verification that our privacy controls are in place and working. To ensure that our system is secure yet open, we have engaged an external firm with privacy and security expertise, Informatica Corporation, to first ensure that our entire programming team is trained on Privacy by Design principals and to secondly provide an independent, confidential verification that our privacy controls are in place and working.

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Respect for User Privacy – Keep it User-Centric

The biggest risk for a privacy breach comes from users, who are at risk of either accidentally exposing their data by sending it through an insecure channel or accidentally creating access points to sensitive data, resulting from things like using weak username/password combinations or accidentally exposing their login credentials. Biz-Zone addresses this risk by building in user-centric controls that are designed to protect users from themselves, by combining user-friendly interfaces, with training and strong privacy controls.

Private, by Design

Learn how we architected our membership database, Association DNA, around Privacy by Design principles and why this should be a critical requirement for associations in their AMS selection.

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