Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, Senior Partner

Kevin Jackson's technology expertise is built upon a strong foundation of experience from manufacturing and robotics automation. His background in engineering enables him to plan and effectively execute projects that require complex technology development. Kevin's ability to stay ahead of the technology curve is a key asset to bizZone clients.

Kevin also has a proven track record for building effective teams and for project management. His technical career developed further in the area of website architecture, coding, programming, site maintenance, and troubleshooting. For several years Kevin was a guest lecturer for the University of Toronto's Internet Strategies course, served on panels on many subjects: from online marketing and Search Engine Optimization to Association Technology.  Kevin is a graduate of the Marine Engineering program in South Africa's Merchant Navy, where he trained as an engineering officer.

Today he leverages over twenty years' experience working with Associations to understand their technology needs and streamline their operations through technology, implementing Association Management Systems that help not-for-profits to Do More with technology. 

Kevin is an active volunteer in the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) Trillium Network, where he has served as a board/Council member and on many committees. He has chaired the professional development and events committee, served on communications was the first chair of a new committee on social media, and is currently helping to revive TC Technology days. A 3rd degree black belt in traditional Japanese Karate, he also enjoys yoga and an endless home renovation project.

Kevin's motto:

There is no such thing as "impossible", just things that are tough until sharp minds get to work!

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