Web Design + UX

Web Design + UX

Performance-driven website design is much more complex than simply getting the "look and feel" of a few templates right.

We have developed a proprietary website design process that covers seven major touchstones to develop a design that is right for your organization. We take into account:

  1. Your business model and strategic objectives;
  2. Your brand and the key messages you need to convey;
  3. Your content and site architecture;
  4. The results you need from your website;
  5. Responsive design for multi-device compatibility; 
  6. Ease of use for ongoing maintenance; and
  7. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration.

Our unique "website canvas" approach helps us map out your path to success and ensures that your design is based on both the visual and conceptual aspects of your brand.

For simple web projects, we focus on capturing your value proposition and architecting both the look and the content in a way that will drive the results you need.

On more complex web projects, we expand on this to incorporate graphical user interface design, so that your website creates an optimized user experience.

The results: 

  • World-class designs that capture attention;
  • Stronger engagement with your members & customers; and
  • Better discovery through strong search engine positioning.

Driven by Experience

Learn how our expertise will help you optimize your users' experiences, strengthening your brand and overall value to the people you need to reach.

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