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June 3, 2004 Upgrades to Biz-Zone's Website Manager

The Nottawasaga Futures website has a fresh new design with the relaunch of their website,

Built in Biz-Zone's Website Manager, the new website can be easily maintained by the organization's staff, who can easily add, remove or update content on the website with no knowledge of HTML.

"Content management tools are a must for any business getting online today," says Julie King,co-founder and president of Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc. "Our content management solution was originally built as an internal development tool, and as a result we have offer features not commonly found in a website management solution."

Those features include several ways to control which pages will appear in the menu of the website. When a user creates a new section of adds a page to an existing section on the website a resave will automatically generate a new menu system for the entire website. However, an organization can easily turn pages or even entire sections on and off as their websites grow. They also have the ability to save work in progress.

"We have include the standard MS-style toolbar that one expects from a content management solution," says King. "However experience shows that success comes from the smaller details, such as controls over which pages appear in the menu, search engine optimization features that are built into our system, and codes that protect published email addresses from being harvested by spammers."


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