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Biz-Zone Launches New Look for Hallelujah Organics

September 24, 2004
Biz-Zone Launches New Look for Hallelujah Organics

Hallelujah Organics has launched a new website to promote their organic chicken, organic beef and wild-caught seafood to retailers. The new look incorporates a special section for retailers and an online catalogue that is under development.

Biz-Zone's website manager, webmanager cms, made the redesign a fast and straightforward process. Webmanager cms is a leading content management solution for businesses and non-profit associations who need the ability to easily build and maintain their own websites without any knowledge of HTML.

The deployment of webmanager cms enabled Biz-Zone to complete the entire redevelopment process in less than 10 business days.

To view the new Hallelujah website log on to:

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