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Biz-Zone Introduces Powerful Association Management Software Solution

November 20, 2007
Biz-Zone Introduces Powerful Association Management Software Solution

November 20, 2007

Biz-Zone has introduced a new association management software solution that will help associations seamlessly connect their mission-critical online and off-line data.

Dubbed Association DNA, our new association management (ams) solution allows organizations to dynamically evolve their association, with little or no knowledge of web programming.

Association DNA is founded on the contact and research modules, which provide a powerful way to do complex data mining using simple, point and click selections. For example, an organization can build a mailing list using data from multiple datatables, with business logic easily added in to determine how the results are selected. Common searches include upcoming membership renewals, chapter and regional group lists, as well as committees and groups.

"Researcher gives you access to all of the data that an organization has collected within Association DNA," says Julie King, president of Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc. "The only limitation is the user's imagination."

A powerful enhancement is the addition of Web Forms, which let non-technical users build and publish interactive forms to websites that use the Biz-Zone Website Manager, WebPortalOne. The process is seamless. Once a form is included on the live site, information is automatically picked up by Association DNA to provide full accounting and data mining capabilities.

"Association DNA is all about empowerment," says King. "An association can quickly publish surveys, sell goods or provide other forms online and the data all flows into their back-end system, ready for review or more detailed data mining. The accounting module is particularly powerful, as it allows associations to reconcile revenue that has been imported into popular accounting programs."

But the true 'piece de resistance', as King calls it, is the Communications module, which provides a powerful email messaging platform.

"Picture this: You have built a complex list using the research tool and now would like to send a regular email to this group," explains King. "Using the communications module, this is easily managed in just a few clicks, and you can include any personalized data from your search in the letters you send out."

For example, King expects associations to schedule regular renewal notices to be sent to members. Another common task will be standardized emails sent to specific groups such as a regional group, chapter, committee or board of directors.

"Association DNA is designed to act as a fundamental component of your back-end office," says King. "With the launch of our prototype build we're really excited about where we'll go from here."

For more information on Association DNA, please contact Kevin Jackson at 905-927-0015 x221.

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