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New Association Website Launched! (CETFA)

February 15, 2012
New Association Website Launched! (CETFA)

Biz-zone is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for the Canadian ETF Association CETFA built by Biz-Zone Internet Group.

Here is what Pat Dunwoody, General Manager at Canadian ETF Association, had to say about the website and their experience of working with Biz-Zone:

"The most impressive part of our website is the logo Biz-zone created for us. Everyone on my Board and commmittees is supportive - and I receive compliments all the time on the design of the site.

I think the most positive experience I have had - personally - is the [technical] support. I often need support to update the website and they are always there to offer advice and even hands on support. So, instead of just having the work done for me, I am always learning."

- Pat Dunwoody, General Manager, Canadian ETF Association. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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