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Broadcaster now ready for prime time

June 8, 2012
Broadcaster now ready for prime time

Finally, you can publish an email newsletter simultaneously on your website and push it out by email to a list of opted-in subscribers!

Biz-Zone's Email Broadcaster is now live and in operation for several clients. Broadcaster, is unique because it not only allows you to build and maintain lists of email recipients, but it also saves their opt-out status and preserves it across multiple lists. In other words if a member asks not to be contacted by opting out through a link in your email, you can now honour that request even if you start a new list. This unique capability was built into Biz-Zone's Email Broadcaster after we discovered that none of the other email broadcast service providers made this possible.

In addition Biz-Zone used our expertise in building website Content Management Systems to add the ability to publish the full content of the newsletter, including the full text of all the articles directly to your website. Not only that, but Biz-Zone's developers can provide custom templates for your newsletter based on your brand or website look-and-feel.

Broadcaster, which can work either as a standalone service, or in combination with our website Content Management System, WebPortalOne; allows you to:

- build a newsletter consisting of multiple components, articles, images, links, etc.

- build or select a list of email addresses/people

- Send - publishing the newsletter both to your website and broadcasting it out to the selected email list.

Other features:

- A subscribe box built into your website where people can opt-in to receive the newsletter,

- Multiple lists so you can send different broadcasts to different lists

- Automatic opt-out links embedded in the newsletter and email broadcasts.

- The ability to merge email addresses - sometimes people have more than one email address and are inadvertently subscribed multiple times - once for each email address. This feature allows you to merge them all into one subscription account.

- Archive feature to automatically archive the last newsletter to make way for the next one.

So Much, So Simple

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