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Password Encryption Policy

June 8, 2012
Password Encryption Policy

Biz-zone is proud to have engineered a password encryption policy for Association DNA. What this means is that even if someone managed to gain access to your members' database, as happened with LinkedIn and just this week, they would not gain access to the passwords, as these are encrypted inside the database.

This last series of announcements about security breaches at large, established Internet companies serves to re-enforce that we are on the right track with our approach to security and privacy. Biz-Zone has taken great measures to produce a membership management database that helps our Association clients to conform to PIPEDA and other privacy and security legislation. Biz-zone works hard to stay up to date on these issues on your behalf.

Association DNA's password encryption policy is just one more way that Biz-Zone works to keep your association and its information safe and secure.

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