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Game-On: bizZone CEO to Speak at CSAE National

September 7, 2015
Game-On: bizZone CEO to Speak at CSAE National

How can the secrets of neuroscience, and in particular gamification, be used to unlock better member engagement?

This will be the focus of a presentation by bizZone's ceo, Julie King, at CSAE National Conference 2015 this October in Calgary, Alberta.

Julie's gamification session dovetails with her recent full day Data Science workshops, which have explored insights into how associations can go beyond instinct and intuition to use verifiable, science-based data analysis to identify hidden patterns in their membership data.

Session Overview

Associations are ideally positioned to take a leadership position in building powerful online communities, yet profit-motivated companies are moving more quickly and leveraging newer technology tools to create fiercely loyal audiences. This session will help associations understand how they can leverage these same tools to increase engagement, member loyalty and membership retention.

Participants will learn about emerging ideas and tools that can be used to centralize their associations within their industries by creating extreme loyalty.

Topics covered in this session will include:

  • An introduction to the concepts of Gamification and MemberSourcing.
  • How other organizations are using game-tactics, like badges and leaderboards.
  • How understanding the neuroscience of social engagement and "play" can help your association increase member engagement.
  • Why play is not just for kids.
  • How you can leverage your association management software (AMS) for Gamification and to build MemberSource communities.
  • How a unique "game-on / level-up" approach revitalized a real world networking event with incredible results and how you can extend game-thinking beyond the digital world to your in-person events.
  • Why right-brain thinking is critical to your internal planning process, as well as your program delivery.
  • Opportunities for leveraging your "captive crowd" to create new non-dues revenue opportunities.

By the end of the session participants will understand strategies and tactics they can use to increase member engagement and retention by using tools like Gamification and MemberSourcing.

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